Nature-Based Solutions

Unlocking Sustainability with our Nature-Based Solutions

Nature based solutions (NbS) which protect and restore nature can help to address a range of integrated planetary crises if they are well designed and implemented. This includes being a solution to address climate change, loss of biodiversity, and food insecurity. 

For example, it’s estimated that NbS could help mitigate climate change, contributing over a third of all 2030 climate mitigation targets. 

NbS should be seen as part of company-wide activities aimed at achieving sustainability and equity, and complementary to nature positive and climate positive journeys. 

What are nature based solutions?

Nature based solutions (NbS) are actions that protect, restore and sustainably use and manage nature and natural or modified ecosystems. 

By protecting and enhancing nature, these solutions offer an opportunity to ensure continued provision of ecosystem services and enhanced resilience while also benefiting societies, economies and planetary systems’ health. 

When NbS solutions are well designed and managed effectively, they can be transformative in addressing global sustainability challenges and risks such as climate change and the biodiversity crisis that affects businesses, economies, and the well-being of societies. 

Companies are both reliant on, and impact, nature. That is why corporate action for nature makes good business sense: it helps companies to mitigate risks, while also enabling them to seize opportunities to innovate and create new nature-positive products, services, and business models that can deliver financial, social responsibility and reputational benefits. 

Examples of nature-based solutions

There are a wide range of solutions that companies can invest in or implement to protect, restore and sustainably use nature. 

These solutions will different from company to company, based on your sector, impacts and reliance on nature, and sustainability priorities.

Not only can these activities result in risk mitigation but they can also unlock opportunities to make supply chains more sustainable, and save costs, as well as boost company reputations and brand value. 

Some examples of these solutions include restoring mangroves to provide a buffer against storms and coastal flooding, reforesting areas endemic and indigenous species to act as watersheds and carbon sinks, or investing in marine protected areas which act as nurseries for fish and other animals while also enhancing ecosystem function in ocean biodiversity hotspots. 

And in some cases, entire organisations can be built around restorative and regenerative business models. For example, a company that farms crops using regenerative agricultural practices that replenish the soils, eradicates alien invasive species and protects natural wildlife corridors. Or a company that restores a seaweed forest while also harvesting that seaweed sustainably to produce nature-based biomaterials and seaweed-based foods and clothing. 

How can we help?

We work with businesses to design and implement effective nature based solutions to meet your particular needs, challenges and priorities. 

We do this using our wealth of knowledge and experience in implementing successful sustainability solutions for our clients.

Read to unlock opportunities associated with nature-based business solutions? Then connect with me for a collaborative discussion on how we can work together to advance your sustainability journey.